Perspective: Challenging times spark innovation and investing opportunities

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“Yes, these are challenging times but the global opportunities are endless,” said Mark Machin, CPPIB President and CEO, during a recent speech at the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Challenging times can often be a catalyst for future innovation and growth.

As the bull market enters its 11th year, Machin said CPPIB remains firmly focused on the long term and is capitalizing on change to help secure the retirements of 20 million Canadians.

“We are convinced that innovation will emerge during challenging times,” he says. “Our investment philosophy is focused on seeking out prudent opportunities that ensure strong returns for generations.”

“We are convinced that innovation will emerge during challenging times” tweet

Machin notes the Great Depression saw companies develop life-changing technologies we still rely on today. Likewise, companies that sought new markets following the 2008 financial crisis saw their enterprise values grow.

Today, climate change simultaneously poses challenges and creates opportunities.

Machin highlighted CPPIB’s climate change work, investments in renewable energy and actions to improve board diversity as just some examples of what CPPIB does to spark positive change and improve long-term investment returns for the Canadian workers and retirees they serve.

Read more in CPPIB’s 2019 Sustainable Investing Report.

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