In Conversation with Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock

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To thrive in an era of disruption, industry leaders must share their insights and learn from one another. This is why our CEO, Mark Machin, is delighted to both participate in conversations with external industry executives and to welcome notable guest speakers to CPPIB to engage employees.

In June 2018, Mark Machin had the pleasure to sit down with Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock. A seasoned veteran in the investment world, Larry Fink offered invaluable insight into realizing long-term value. “What you guys do is a model for long-term investing,” noted Larry. “For an organization that has a 40-year liability, where you may see value is going to be very different than an organization that has a 5-year liability,” he added.

Larry remained positive for the future, explaining that market volatility has improved since last year. He also spoke to the recent democratization of research, noting that businesses will need to leverage new data sources and perform the appropriate quantitative analysis to differentiate themselves moving forward. A battle, he says, that we as an industry can win.



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